Aditya Birla Sun Life AMC Limited

Select Sector Portfolio
Select Sector Portfolio (SSP) offers investors an opportunity to invest in high quality and consistent ROI generating businesses while practicing value investing philosophy. This approach allows us to provide investors’ safety along with compounding returns that will generate long term wealth.
Ideal if you want...
Ideal for investors seeking a portfolio of Select ideas, backed by a high level of Investment Expertise and research
Minimum Investment Amount
Min Investment Amount - Rs. 50 lacs per individual account (or such other amount as decided by the Portfolio Manager at its sole discretion in each individual case)
Investment Horizon
Investment Horizon - Minimum of Three years
The portfolio exhibits an investment approach of growth at reasonable price with focus on quality. We seek to identify attractively valued companies with strong or improving fundamentals in industries with favorable operating dynamics. We add value by identifying companies that are intrinsically value generating on account of their positioning and wait for opportunity to buy in at prices that meet our returns expectations and margin of safety requirements.
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