Aditya Birla Sun Life AMC Limited

Innovation Portfolio
Innovation is much more than invention of new age products. It is a new way of doing business, new systems of products services or new interactions forms of engagement between your organization customers.

Innovation must be able to sustain return its weighted cost of capital.It should be relevant and significant to the organization Incremental innovations are important but they might not move the needle for large organizations
Ideal if you want...
Objective is wealth creation with lower volatility.
Minimum Investment Amount
Min Investment Amount - Rs. 50 lacs per individual account.
Investment Horizon
Investment Horizon - 3-5 years
The portfolio invests or proposes to invest in listed equity equity related instruments with the aim of generating long term capital appreciation &/or income in the form of dividends &/or bias towards any market cap segment etc as mutually agreed by the client fund manager It can also invest in money market instruments units of mutual fund Features of the companies can include High quality with consistency in growth, high ROE, low leverage high potential for growth It is a portfolio which can be tailored as per the specific investment preference of the client Stock selection is done through a combination of ‘Bottom up’ approach i e analyzing the fundamental attributes of the company competition & ‘Top down’ approach i e analyzing the macro economic factors industry growth characteristics.
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